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What I have to offer-

OK, let's be honest. The PRIMARY* purpose of this website is to help ME
sell YOU something. Now, I don't have any super-duper-whiz-bang-go-fast
widgets that no one else has, nor am I a mechanical magician with a magic
wrench. What I do have to offer is a service and a work ethic based on
integrity, dedication, experience, and a sincere desire to do my best. Every
job, no matter how small, is important to me, and the job isn't done until
the customer is satisfied.  I'm in this business for the "long haul."  I have a
true passion for these cars and have been doing this long before LBC's
became trendy.

I have always been just your average "gearhead." However, I grew up with a
certain passion for the funny little English cars. After all, Malcolm Campbell
WAS my childhood hero... I enlisted in the USN in '69, trained as aircraft
mechanic (yep, an ADJ, an Airdale, and damned proud of it!) and spent my
time working on a flight line at a Naval Air Station in Maryland. Following
my discharge, I worked at several sports car facilities on Long Island, prior
to setting up my own business in Florida in 1974. I've been involved with
amateur road racing, from a preparation standpoint, since the late 70's,
and a licensed SCCA driver since the late 80's. I have been involved with a
number of very successful amateur racing programs over the years.

Established in late 1974 as Glen's Foreign Auto Repair, my business was
primarily a British sports car service facility, specializing in Triumph cars.
In the mid-8o's, I began getting more active in the Vintage racing groups
which were starting up at the time. Since then, my work has been a
balance of Vintage race work, bench rebuilding services, used parts sales,
as well as several large scale restoration/rebuilds usually in progress. I'm
well equipped to undertake any level of repair, rebuilding, or restoration on
most English sports cars. All work is done to specifications, and I place the
highest emphasis on reliability and maximizing the service life of my work.
All rebuilding work is done in-house, and I have a small network of very
talented people to whom I sublet spraying, engine machining, and custom
close-tolerance machine work.

If you have a job that you'd like to discuss, no matter how big or small,
from a simple carburettor rebuild to a "balled-up" vintage race car, feel free
to contact me.

Please use the navigation bars to go to the links of interest. I hope you
enjoy this website. If you have questions or comments, please email me

* the SECONDARY purpose of this website is just to share a little with you
and maybe give you a grin or two...