Little Shop of Horrors
2-piece Land Rover laygear
TR-6 down on power
2-piece steel crank TR-3
Cracked main cap TR-3
Another view of the outside of the brake rotor. This
rotor was apparently ground very thin, judging by the
   amount of material that is missing
2-piece Sprite brake drum
One piece...
Another piece!
2-piece Spitfire gearbox mainshaft
Another infamous 2-piece Spitfire crankshaft.
(The    rear chunks make a nice base for a table
Typical Sprite/Midget gearbox
laygear low gear damage
Sprite/Midget rear axle chunk
MGA/MGB lower hose elbow. The car sat for
"awhile," and then constantly overheated.
Inside is 100% blocked with rust buildup.
Spitfire front brake disc (minimum legal thickness
.325 in
Oops !! This one
measures    .164 in.