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I have an inventory, some new, mostly used, and mostly MG
that I'm sorting through and selling, as time permits. Most of
what I have left is MG "T" type, some prewar MG, and MGA
mechanical bits. I have some  MGTA  MPJG  MGTC  XPAG
MGA 1500 1600  and  MGB 1800 components, ie., blocks,
cranks (NO XPAG cranks left), heads, generator, and starter
cores, etc., misc "T" series suspension, gears, several early MG
fuel tanks (all need some repair), MGA steering racks, and
misc. suspension components. Very little sheet metal, trim or
interior left, and the parts that you can get from the large
suppliers, I don't normally stock, but I can special order as
necessary and, in most cases, sell at a competitive rate. I do
NOT have an inventory list (please don't ask). But you are
more than welcome to email me a list of your needs, and I'll
give you a prompt quote.

I'll be posting certain items for sale on this page, as time
permits and as I sort through my remaining inventory. Check
back from time to time. You never know what I might have for