Race Preparation
My philosophy:

Work in the workshop...
race on the racetrack.

Part of my basic philosophy towards
Club Racing has been that
although it's amateur racing, the
race car doesn't know that, nor
does it care. One hundred fifteen
mph going into turn 2 at Moroso,
setting up to go over "Madness" at
Mid-Ohio, or coming onto the front
straight at Roebling Road - the
moment is real, the equipment
needs to be right. If there are
weaknesses, you can be sure that
things will fail at the absolute worst
time, and broken equipment,
whether it be crash related or
mechanical failure, is NEVER good.

My approach to racing isn't unique;
it's based on simple common sense
and established principles and
workshop  procedures. I recognize
the need in a successful racing
program for things to be right, and I
try to do each job properly. Give me
a call if you would like to discuss
any aspect of your racing program.  
Mid-Ohio    Pole  Mike Jackson
     2nd   Jeff Snook  
On track photographs courtesy of Chuck Andersen

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